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5 tips to Become a Better Reader

Lots of people regularly say they’d like to read more, but they never seem to have the time. Here are 5 tips that will help you get more from reading.
It’s never too late to become a better reader. A love for reading isn’t something with which we are born. It’s something we can develop over time – at any age. 

Reading sets the stage for success to occur. It is the foundation on which positive behaviors can flourish. The sum of those actions is what enables successful people to thrive. If you can improve your reading capacity, here are a few benefits to expect.

1. Falling in love with learning

Reading is one core component for developing your intellect. When you read, you can cultivate an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. If you can read well, you will no doubt learn well.
2. You can decrease your cognitive decline.
  A study was published by Rush Medical University in 2013 were researchers wanted to determine if mental activities, like reading, affected future memory capacity. After participants passed away people who engaged in stimulating activities, like reading, experienced slower cognitive decline. So if you want to age well, make sure you give your brain a good workout. Your future self will be glad you did.
3. Improve your focus. Focus, like learning, is crucial to productivity these days. There’s an economy for our attention. Reading is an activity that demands our full engagement. Accordingly, the activity allows us to practice channeling our focus.
4. You can diversify your perspective. Reading can transport you into another time and place. When buried in a good book, it can often feel like you’re breaking bread with the writer who’s telling the story. It is as if he or she has chosen you, as his or her close and trusted confidant.
5. Become a better writer
Want to improve as a writer? Then, without question, you need to become a better reader. As a writer, reading gives you role models to follow. At first, you’ll imitate the scribes who inspire you. But over time, their example will help you discover your own voice.
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