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Bosnian Kebab Recipe

Know more about Bosnian Kebabs and how they can be prepared in your kitchen
Bosnian Kebab, in Bosnian language called Ćevapi is without any doubt, the most popular dish in Bosnian cuisine. These small pieces of rolled minced meat are carefully prepared and grilled on a special charcoal grill. The regular portion contains 10 pieces and comes along with fresh Somun (Bosnian bread), Onion, Sour Cream and most importantly Ajvar sauce.

It is about the ingredients. The original Bosnian Kebab is fresh and organic. Only fresh and best cuts of meat can be used. The Somun has an ethereal pillowyness to it when it's fresh out of the oven.  Ajvar is a delicious red pepper and eggplant sauce which one will find only in Bosnia and the Balkans. The best way to enjoy Bosnian Kebab is to eat the dish as soon as it comes from the grill – fresh and tasty. In Bosnia, it became so famous that locals enjoy this amazing dish for lunch, dinner and even breakfast.

History of Bosnian Kebab

Bosnian Kebab has a long history. In fact, records state that the recipe of this delicious Kebab was developed during the middle ages. It was brought by the Ottomans to Sarajevo and Bosnia under the name of Ottoman Kofta. Some believe the Persians developed the recipe, but the Ottomans introduced the recipe to Bosnia which at that time was under the Ottoman rule while Sarajevo was a regional hub of the Balkans.

Innovative Bosnian Chefs at that time developed and changed the Ottoman recipe. As a result, Bosnian Kebab was born and become a completely different dish compared to the Turkish Ottoman Kofta or any other Kebab. Nowadays, you can find Kebabs in many countries which all have similar roots, but each region and country developed their “Own Kebab” resulting in a variety of Kebabs. Over the centuries, Bosnian Kebab become the No.1 national dish in Bosnia and got famous in all the Balkan countries.  Today, this mouth-watering Kebab become popular in many countries all around the world.

The Recipe

In Bosnia the famous Chefs are transferring their knowledge and recipe from one generation to the next. For a perfect Bosnian Kebab, the culinary mastery of at least three Chefs is required. One who will prepare the Kebab, the other Chef who will grill the Kebab and the third one who will prepare the fresh Somun. The top Bosnian Chefs are trained many years in “state of the art” preparation of Bosnian Kebab. Famous Chefs and restaurant brands don’t disclose their recipe. And, it is not only the recipe or the ingredients, it is the art of preparing and grilling it to perfection.

There are a lot of recipes how to make a homemade Bosnian Kebab but none of them will come even close to the ones the famous Chefs and top restaurant brands prepare. At first glance, the Bosnian Kebab looks like a simple dish but in reality, the preparation is not simple at all. Some consider Bosnian Kebab as an almost sinful dish and there are people who swore not to eat the meat of any kind, except Bosnian Kebab. Even occasionally, some vegetarians break their cruelty-free diet to enjoy Bosnian Kebab and its delicious juices. Whoever once tried Bosnian Kebab will never forget the amazing, different and juicy taste.
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