Fine Blooms Florist | BOXPARK - Dubai, UAE

Open Today:02:00 PM-11:00 PM

Fine Blooms

Fine Blooms brings a new approach in floral styling to Dubai. As the only florist in the region combining the finest flowers sourced from around the globe with expert design, we create uniquely beautiful arrangements for our discerning customers. Flowers have inspired artists, poets and musicians since the beginning of civilization. Their influence on architecture, design and culture is boundless. In the right hands, they have the power to spark ideas, release dreams and transform worlds. Dubai’s Fine Blooms is a florist like no other. With an unwavering belief in the ability of flowers to infuse any space with positivity, colour and life, our oral designers possess an unmatchable expertise that comes with years of designing arrangements around the world, from private residences to unforgettable events.

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