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The delicious Smokin’ Cheese Burger from Big Smoke Burger

Here is how Big Smoke Burger prepares its mouthwatering “Smokin’ Cheese” Burger
Here is how Big Smoke Burger prepares it’s mouthwatering “Smokin’ Cheese” Burger

0.3oz BBQ sauce + 0.2oz Sriracha
0.1oz Buttermilk ranch
0.7oz Olive oil
1oz Smoked Canadian/American Cheddar cheese
0.5oz Canadian Cheese curds
6oz Minced beef patty
Brioche bun

1. Prepare the signature Smoked Chili Sauce. The easiest way to do this is to mix your preferred BBQ Sauce (0.3oz), Sriracha (0.2oz), and Buttermilk Ranch (0.1oz), for a total of 0.6oz of sauce per portion.

2. Your Smokin’ Cheese inspired base will consist of basil and onions, topped with salt and pepper and mixed with olive oil. This should measure to no more than 0.7oz.

3. Time to make the three-cheese blend! For this we use Smoked Canadian Cheddar (1oz.), American Cheddar cheese (1oz.), and Canadian Quebec cheese curds (0.5oz.) mixed together (by hand) it should be around (2.5oz.) per portion.

4. Moving on, here you will prepare your succulent, minced 6oz. beef patty. We use fresh AAA Angus Canadian beef (Ground Chuck, 80% lean meat – 20% fat) at Big Smoke Burger, and would recommend anything similar, in order to have similar results to what we served. Here you will also stuff the patty with the three-cheese blend you prepared above. Ensure the cheese is stuffed snuggly and surrounded by your minced patty.

5. We recommend cooking on an open-flame grill for approximately 11 minutes at around - 650 Degrees Fahrenheit (350 Degrees Celsius), ensure that you cook equally on both sides, and turn the burger to cook on both left and right corners occasionally for a few seconds so that the thick patty cooks thoroughly.

6. Lightly toast a suitably sized Brioche bun, and it’s time to put it all together! Spread the Smoked Chili sauce you made in the first step onto the top and bottom bun, put the basil and onions base along with the patty you prepared onto the bottom bun as well, and spread mixed greens over the patty. Slap the top bun on & enjoy!
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